Grow your business from the inside out.

Find staff

We help you to find staff and build your team. For no cost the Chamber can assist you with smart ways of growing talent as well as offering additional advice and support for developing broader recruitment strategies.

Get the right skills  

Grow talent from within your organisation. Not only is training an investment in the future productivity of your business, allowing you to do more with less, but it also helps you to retain your people and grow your team. Try out Chamber Vital Training courses for up-to-date, practical workshops and online training.

Recruit at no cost

Through a range of targeted employment programmes, the Chamber assists you to recruit work ready, talented staff at no cost. Our programmes include - 


    Connects highly skilled and motivated adults returning to the workforce with employers who can provide, or would consider providing, a flexible workplace. One of the highest demand vacancies we receive through this programme is for administrative staff. 


    Connects highly qualified migrants living in New Zealand with employers throughout New Zealand. Through members can advertise job vacancies and search for suitable candidates online.


    Connects job vacancies with the skills of a global market of job seekers. Through members can advertise job vacancies and search for suitable candidates from a database of potential migrants actively seeking employment in New Zealand.


    Matches highly skilled migrants in specific industries with employers needing a helping hand free of charge to the business. The candidate is available for up to 8 weeks in a work experience capacity, with the aim that this work experience placement will evolve into a permanent employment position.


    Places into employment young people (18-24 year olds) who are launching their careers. The Chamber sources, assesses and prepares candidates for employment. All cadets undertake a rigorous work readiness process and are supported with mentoring for the first year.  Call us to build the talent pipeline in your business.


    Based in Tamaki (Glen Innes, Panmure, Pt England) this service identifies young adults (18-24 years olds) and through a work readiness programme prepares them for the workforce.  Candidates and employers are connected, then supported with mentoring and training.