The Auckland Chamber’s work with a wide variety of job seekers and employers needing to fill vacancies, often has tremendous outcomes for both parties. Here are just some of the great stories that job seekers and employers have been happy to share.

They tell their unique stories, offering you tips and hints about successfully navigating the listing process, job application process and what made the match so successful. 



All Sewn Up
Networking Really Pays Off
A flying start
A Spark of Genius
Full time job search worth the effort
Flows like water
Persistence pays off


THE Business Professional

Another confident career comeback
Position filled, mission accomplished
The perfect match


Double trouble frontline at the Auckland City Mission
Great young people path find for other young people
Paying it forward
Rotaform Plastics
Three’s a charm – Quadrant Hotel and Suites

Career Start

When the opportunity comes, will you take it


Migrant Employment Programme 

Clearvision Embraces Global Talent Pool
It’s not just skills, it’s attitude & ethics
Exceeding expectations