Engineering / Technical

Seeking: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Key skills and experience:

  • New Zealand Engineering graduate who has specialised in power systems and control systems
  • Six months experience of academic research involving the performance and efficiency of LED lighting in commercial applications
  • Experience in technical report writing which is verified by writing several technical and proposal reports for various electrical engineering and systems projects
  • Self-motivated and self-directed, work well both as part of a team and autonomously
  • Responsive to deadlines, work well under pressure
  • Love learning new things, new challenges and passing on what I know to others
  • Great time management skills and can multitask under pressure

Computer skills include: MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), MATLAB, Microsoft Visual Studio, Atmel Studio, VisualHDL

Qualifications: Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Honours)

Value added: Fluent in Filipino

This candidate is also available for up to four weeks work at no cost or obligation, under the terms of the Migrant Employment Programme.

Call Helen on 09 375 3922 or email to find out more.