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CO4 coffee is an eco-friendly alternative to instant coffee, using fresh coffee grounds stored in a biodegradable bag. Our flavours are inspired by unique cultures around the globe. It's perfect for busy people in need of a quick caffeine injection to get them on the go.

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Cocuit Apple and Cinnamon kombucha has been fermented with organic green tea. Double fermented with repurposed apples (apples not used by farms for cosmetic reasons) and spicy cinnamon, Cocuits Apple Kombucha is a multi-layered beverage that will not only refresh your palette but leave you thirsty for more.

Note: We only do contactless car delivery inside of the Auckland region. Our beverage cannot be shipped as it is fermented. Otherwise pick-up is available.

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Renew You

Renew You produces the Antiox Immune Boost - a combination of 5 organic superfoods that provides antioxidants and promotes your gut health, which is important in immune health, brain and heart health, sleep support, improved mood and digestion.

These superfood ingredients are:
- organic cacao powder
- organic barley powder
- organic spinach powder
- organic kale powder
- organic spirulina

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Homemade Elegance

Our product is a no bake muesli bar/slice mix. We provide the dry ingredients and you add the wet ingredients; honey and coconut oil. It is a healthy alternative snack to regular unhealthy snacks. Perfect for lunchboxes! It is high in fibre, refined sugar free, dairy free and natural. We offer two flavours; honey and chocolate.

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