The role of a mentor is to act as a point of contact to offer advice, coach, teach, help you and your business throughout your Young Enterprise year and facilitate genuine connections to the Auckland Business community.

To help you with your YES Business journey, we have a great list of volunteer Mentors who a willing to give up they free time to help you achieve your YES Business goals. Don’t be shy to get in touch with any of the Mentors below by contacting them via contact details given.


Kiyara Jia

Company: HSBC Bank New Zealand
Phone: 09 368 8558

Banking professional currently working in the Institutional banking sector. Focused on customer relationship management as well as analytical and risk management skills. BCOM background majoring in Accounting & Commercial Law.

Syrus Islam

Company: Department of Accounting, Auckland University of Technology

I am a senior lecturer of Accounting at the Auckland University of Technology. My expertise lies in product/service costing, cost management, profitability analysis, break-even analysis, and financial reporting and management.

Krish Naidu

Company: Otago Polytechnic
Phone: 0277 055 572

I'm a Senior Lecturer at OP - Auckland Campus. I have taught and mentored students studying entrepreneurship as part of our Bachelor degree. We also run dragon's Den at the institute (similar to YES) In addition I also run two business and feel my background will be helpful to the students.


Darroch Todd

Company: ATEED (Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development)
Phone: 0275 211 100

I'm currently a Risk Manager for Auckland Council, and have owned my own business, as well as teaching Business Studies, Accounting and Economics at MAGS. I have a very good understanding of owning and running a business, as well as knowing how YES runs.

Belinda Hope

Company: TenForward
Phone: 021 288 9323

Entrepreneurship, business plan writing - startups.

Gordon Gillan

Company: bp New Zealand

A communications professional with more than 15 years' experience working as an editor and public relations practitioner in New Zealand. Experience across internal and external communications with a passion for Community Partnerships, Social Media, Internal Communications and Marketing Communications.


Chrissy Marshall

Company: BNZ and Director for The Finance Marshall

Customer and marketing experience Establishing and running a business Business planning and networking Product development.


Paul McGrath

Company: POD 95 Ltd
Phone: 021 910 014

Web site, etailing, General business structure.

Roy Pearson

Company: Ignite Intelligence
Phone: 021 027 50333

Business advisor/mentor/coach. Helps Small to medium business increase profit by:

  1. Challenging the business owners mindest
  2. Improving business systems for better productivity


Company: AUT Faculty of Business & Law
Phone: 021 828 180

I am a lecturer in Marketing, sales, Advertising, Innovation and creativity.

Kathlynn Lee

Company: bp New Zealand

Marketing and communications specialist with a focus on customer centricity in the digital and growth marketing landscape. Confident in customer behavior analysis, using customer insights, digital marketing and market validation. Industry experience in oil & energy, publishing, influencer marketing, start-ups and advertising.

Gillian Craig

Company: AUT University
Phone: 021 202 7299

Have taught Accounting at AUT since 1990. Specialise in teaching first-year students. Now working part-time for AUT. Have worked as an Auditor with KPMG in London and Auckland, and as Financial Accounting for XIVth Commonwealth Games in Auckland in 1990. Currently working part-time as Finance Director for Aroha Funerals, a business in which I am a part-owner.


Yong Han

Company: HSBC Bank New Zealand
Phone: 0204 280 174

20 years+ in financial services, currently the Chief Risk Officer for HSBC Bank in NZ. Can offer expertise in terms of all the key risks a business may face, funding, business planning. Also have a broad network of contacts if there is anything I don't know, across NZ and globally to tap into.

Rob Lyver

Company: ATEED (Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development)
Phone: 027 838 8939

A Capability Development Specialist focussing on business development, sales, communication, and productivity skills, using adult learning principles for coaching, mentoring, teaching, and workshop facilitation. Delivering impactful, relevant, and simple capability development initiatives for organisations across SME, Mid-Market, and Corporate, with revenues from ‘pre-profit’ to $300 million, and for coaching hundreds of Professional Services Partners and staff across New Zealand and Australia.

Bernard Leong

Company: BP Oil NZ
Phone: 021 216 5806

I have been a part of BP for over 13 years working at various roles within bp including improving processes, systems admin and more recently being in the Network Development team looking for investment opportunities, completing due diligence and financial models and more importantly pitching the business case to various stake holders both in New Zealand and Australia. Privately, I am involve in a start-up called Skillsme where we are reinventing how programmers (coders) gain experiences and are recruited through a validation process. I have a passion for start-up and entrepreneurship and I am willing to help our younger generation where ever i can.


Irene Susantio

Company: HSBC Bank New Zealand
Phone: 0275 812 998

I graduated as Bachelor of Computer Science however life brought me to another direction of banking. I am familiar with topic of international trade, banking, credit worthiness analysis of a company, and now I am also learning about financial institutions. Back in my country, I had my own business of wedding organizer, barbershop, and drawing course so I consider myself quite entrepreneurial.

Arun Devta

Company: HSBC Bank New Zealand
Phone: 0275 264 686

I have 14 years experience in Sale & Marketing. Industry exposure Pharmaceutical , Insurance , FMCG & Banking. I can work on NPD, Digital Media, Sales & Marketing.

Daniel Tate

Company: HSBC Bank New Zealand
Phone: 021 574 702

I'm a Relationship Manager in Corporate Banking at HSBC and have 10+ years of Commercial Banking experience.

Tarang Saxena

Phone: 021 084 07707

I am a previous participant and qualifier in YES and have competed in Entrepreneurs In Action business activities. I can bring a personal touch in bringing confidence in pitching and more importantly presenting yourself to others. Currently majoring in Economics and Operations Supply Chain Management (3rd Year) I can provide a piece of knowledge concerning the economy and how businesses operate.

Amy Lee

Company: Velocity
Phone: 021 056 2689

Currently completing my Masters in Bioscience Enterprise – business and commercialisation degree and completed my undergraduate degree at University of Auckland in Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons). I have a broad range of healthcare experience and the different aspects of running a business. Through completing accelerator programmes and innovation challenges, I have knowledge around the process of building a business from scratch and creating an innovative product/service. I am also happy for students to reach out to me if they want to know more about university life, academics, career prospect or life after secondary education.


Farhan Ali

Phone: 0272 007 199

I am an Accounting and Marketing graduate from The University of Auckland. I have been working in marketing since 2018 as an intern and have successfully been working in full-time marketing positions since June 2019.


Keeha Oh

Phone: 022 153 4707

Keeha is currently in her final year of a Law (Honours) and Commerce (Accounting and Finance) degree at the University of Auckland. She has previously worked in the legal, professional services and insurance sector, and also has a strong interest in marketing. She has won several university business case competitions, including the Management Consulting Club Deloitte Open Case Competition (2018), Energy Case Competition (2019) and the International Chamber of Commerce Mediation Competition held in Paris (2020).


Meghshyam Prakash

Phone: 022 510 9310

I am a first-year business student at the University of Auckland and I currently am running my own startup/project. I have worked on several startups two years ago under the Young Enterprise Scheme. My expertise is wide-ranging from strategy, branding, marketing all the way to management, finance and general startup works. I also know how to network and team culture and building.

Gursirat Tapia

Company: PwC
Phone: 022 029 2720

I’ve recently graduated with a Bachelor in Commerce (majoring in Accounting, Commercial Law & Information Systems) from the University of Auckland. Since, I have joined PwC as a Technology Consulting Analyst & have had a key focus in ICT strategy & architecture.


Warwick McCormack

Company: The Centre Ltd
Phone: 021 688 185

Warwick McCormack is one of New Zealand and the Pacific’s top business coaches and has extensive experience - he specialises in business direction, marketing, sales, branding, entrepreneurial and innovative customer service business approaches.

His main skill sets are his ability to think creatively and problem solves regardless of the circumstances. He can plan how to market a company for $1 or $1,000,000!

Previously he was immersed in the advertising industry, with extensive working experience in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

His client list has included many of the worlds most important companies and covers most industries.

Richard Li

Company: Ernst & Young
Phone: 021 081 29239

Strategy and Transaction Analyst with experience working across Financial Transactions, Logistics Planning, Asset Management and Real Estate Development.

BCom (Business Analytics/Information Management and Finance) Graduate from the University of Auckland.

Ashley Harris

Company: The University of Auckland
Phone: 022 162 0236

I am a third-year Computer Science and Statistics student at The University of Auckland with a passion for all things tech and business! I have experience working as a data analyst consultant at EY, and as a product manager and developer for a startup called Own My Data.

I am knowledgeable in areas of technology including data science, software engineering, and computer science, and I am also in the Challenges Committee for Velocity, the University's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club.

I would love to offer advice on innovation, starting a business, technology, navigating university effectively, and career pathways in business and technology.

Chris Scullin

Phone: 027 497 2274

I have over 30 years of business experience ranging from self-employment as a Commercial Photographer to Senior Management in two multinational companies - Roles including Sales, Marketing and Operational Management give me a broad range of skills.

I am passionate about innovative ideas and challenging the status quo. For me, the best way forward involves confidence and a positive attitude.

Mitchell Carlyle

Company: Velocity (UOA Student Organisation)
Phone: 021 086 59883

A Bachelor of Commerce and Property conjoint student, currently in my third year of studies, majoring in Marketing and Management.

I have been involved in YES before (albeit to a limited extent) and am currently Challenges Lead in Velocity; the University of Auckland's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme, which is similar to YES in a number of ways.

Through work and studies, I have been put in touch with valuable contacts and learned some profound things regarding start-ups and entrepreneurship. I am also close friends with a handful of entrepreneurs.

Brayden Print

Company: University of Auckland
Phone: 021 144 2275

I am a 5th-year Law (Honours) and Commerce conjoint student, majoring in International Business and Information Systems. I have 16 months of consulting experience at KPMG and this year I begin a new role at one of New Zealand's largest law firms, MinterEllisonRuddWatts.

I am fortunate enough to be the Alumni Team Lead for Velocity, which is the innovation and entrepreneurship programme at the University of Auckland.

I am here to help with anything that you may need - whether that is related to your business or to university more generally - please feel free to reach out to me!


Doug Lloyd

Company: The Third Age Consultancy Limited
Phone: 021 136 5367

In private practised Doug is the Founder and the Managing Director of his own company, The Third Age Consultancy Limited, specializing in the business of ageing and marketing and advertising communications.

He is the past Chair of Autism New Zealand and is a Board member Autism New Zealand Charitable Trust He was Senior Lecturer (above the Bar) in Marketing and Advertising at Auckland University of Technology, for 15 years, teaching on the University’s Bachelor of Business Undergraduate and MBA degrees.


Lavisha Gopaldasani

Company: University of Auckland
Phone: 021 0877 1983

A Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in information systems and Marketing.

I have done a marketing internship at Xero and am currently tutoring a paper in databases and business intelligence at UoA. I am also involved with Velocity - UoA's innovation and entrepreneurship organisation so have learnt a lot about start-ups and entrepreneurship.

Feel free to reach out to me regarding any kind of help related to your idea/pitches or even if you just want someone to talk to about university - advise with courses or uni life in general.


Sam Kerry

Company: Ernst & Young
Phone: 022 312 7687

Kia Ora! I'm Sam, a psychology and economics major who works in consulting at EY.

I'm based in the financial sector, which basically means I work with banks and insurers (which probably sounds uninteresting to you and I would have thought the same at school).

I'm happy to help you and your team get that elusive excellence in your project and have a few laughs along the way. Look forward to hearing your ideas!

Paul McGrath

Company: POD 95 Ltd
Phone: 021 910 014

I have been involved in the YES programme for the last 4-5 years and taken part in the local judging.

I have also being a Business Mentor for the last 12 years. I recently sold my business which I had for 23 years. My expertise lies in general business and starts up, but specialising in technical/IT type organisations.

Prefer a School in the West Auckland Area to work with.

Eric Short

Company: Help BIZ Grow Ltd
Phone: 021 872 007

One on one professional training or coaching plus business mentoring, advisory and facilitation services (self-generated).

I like SME business owners and prospective entrepreneurs to draw on my experience across a wide range of business sectors and all disciplines, retail marketing excluded, for guidance and added value.


Rachana Dave

Company: 0800RACHNA Mortgages and Insurances
Phone: 021 022 90344

I am a Registered Mortgage Adviser. I have a team of 10 people. My area of expertise is in residential, business and construction lending.

I am awarded by the Prime Minister as Best Business Woman of the year 2018 at Indian Business Awards. I am the First Indian Woman in New Zealand who has been awarded as the Best Mortgage Adviser at Indian Business Awards 2017.

Chye Lu Lee

Company: Ernst & Young
Phone: 022 177 6222

Previous external auditor and management accountant from the media industry, I now work in the transactions advisory team at EY.

I provide a range of transactional services to clients such as due diligence and seller support services.

Tony Lambert

Company: LF Communications
Phone: 021 935 563

I am an Auckland Business Chamber mentor. Previously a mentor with Business Mentors NZ for 5 years.

Experience in managing small businesses for 20 years. Previously Sales and Marketing Director for Compaq Computer NZ.

Expertise in understanding issues, seeing the big picture and helping people/companies discover ways to solve issues or see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Simply help people help themselves. Talk via email to start then phone.


Mike Mead

Phone: 021 281 3029

Having run and grown a successful company for over 25 years my area of expertise is very much common-sense and hard work!

I have no tertiary qualifications but can give down to earth help and advise - there are no short cuts. Stock management, cash flow, pricing, identifying business opportunities, sponsorship, marketing.

Cindy Yin

Company: Ernst & Young
Phone: 021 238 8638

I'm currently in the Assurance service line at EY. My client portfolio includes businesses from a variety of industry sectors (eg. banks, private equity funds, logistics and listed companies).

I'm also part of the digital assurance team, which will help the transition from traditional audit techniques to be more data-focused so we can gain valuable insights from client data.

Jay Jaiganesh

Company: Ernst & Young
Phone: 027 206 7880

Education sector knowledge Mentoring/Volunteering experience.

Sarah Postlethwaite

Company: Ernst & Young
Phone: 027 3605 111

I am a Management Consultant at EY, focusing on technology transformation in the financial services sector.

I have a strong background in marketing, with expertise in marketing automation, digital marketing, communications, social media management, and copy-writing.

I bring business acumen, and experience in business case preparation, public speaking and pitching.


Gagan Waraich

Company: Ernst & Young

Graduate in Accounting & Finance from UOA Graduate diploma in Business Management & Marketing from AUT. Working as an Auditor in Ernst & Young.