I am Founder & CEO of www.UnboxedPerformance.com providing independent technology advice to align and integrate people and technology for a high-performance team culture. This can involve work as an Executive Coaching and facilitator for business owners and CEOs.

Also as a board member of the Professional Speakers Association, I help mentor people who wish to build a speaking business. My passion is speaking on the area of how technology and emotional fitness combine and align to build high productivity people www.RobertCRobertson.com.

My career background took me to various senior corporate roles, one was as National Sales Manager of an Australian ISP responsible for more than 80 staff. Another was as Leadership Specialist responsible for developing 100 staff spread across NZ as their coach and mentor, while 2IC for the NZ operations of that global insurance brand. I also work part-time as a Sports Mental Skills coach in tennis, as my second career while on my OE was as a professional tennis coach in the US.

From your experience, why would you recommend ‘mentoring’ to a business?

On reflection of my business journey, in the early days of my more than 10 years in business, it was personal self doubt that held me back from fully achieving all my goals. Hence having somebody with a few war scars so to speak, helps give the business owner great confidence on how to move ahead.



What do you see as the key attributes in being an effective mentor?

Ability to listen and understand the challenges facing the business owner, and then having the experience to know what to do to quickly help them move ahead and achieve their desired results.



What’s some of the more important or even practical benefits a business or business owner can gain from being mentored?

Confidence is the key thing to feeling on track and having the certainty of the strategy and methods to move forward. Confidence gained from mentoring also helps you feel better about the stresses business owners face.




What’s the most satisfying feature for you about being a mentor?

The satisfaction of seeing results always gives me a buzz. To know in some small way I helped grow the business and the owners outlook which also has a contribution to the NZ economy and benefitting all the staff involved.




How much of ‘business mentoring’ is also about developing and guiding the personal qualities of the person being mentored?

This area is a big focus for the mentor -  it can be a major influence determining the level of business success



From your time as a mentor what’s a scenario/area where you’ve felt you’ve really been able to make a difference?

Having been a mentor for more than 10 years, I just love hearing from the owners that I have helped - it’s a bit like a little family of people that I  feel proud to have had some influence on them and their development.