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If you are looking for a ‘checkpoint’ for your business ideas and direction, or simply needing some skills that you may not have - we can help you with a Chamber Mentor. Engaging with one of our Chamber Mentors will also allow you to:

  • Take a step back from your business and identify opportunities or obstacles ahead
  • Access business mentor knowledge and insights acquired from years of experience
  • Receive support with your business decision-making and strategies to help you find the best solutions
  • Partner with an expert who will challenge and critique you as much as they will encourage and guide you.

Chamber Mentors is all about working alongside you, so that you can work in the most effective and efficient way for your business. This will be one of the best investments you make on your business. 


How you can apply for a Chamber Mentor

Become a Chamber Mentor


Chamber Mentors is a business mentoring programme offered by the Auckland Business Chamber. Chamber Mentors will match the very best person to suit your business needs and direction. We know that running a business is difficult, and many business owners face similar challenges. Being able to hear first-hand from a Chamber Mentor about their experiences will help you realise that the challenges or decisions you may be facing will prepare you to be a better businessperson in the future - because the focus of our Chamber Mentors, just like the Auckland Business Chamber, is to deliver the best platform for your business to operate from. 


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