Does New Zealand's biggest city have the economic blues

Auckland Business Chamber CEO Michael Barnett speaks to Duncan Garner on The AM Show about whether Auckland's economic performance is below where it should be.

Michael Barnett on Breakfast TV

Auckland Business Chamber CEO Michael Barnett’s interview on Breakfast TV highlighted opportunities for businesses to initiate smarter recruitment practices and behaviours for themselves in the face of looming labour law changes.

Top 3 in 3 with Michael Barnett: Innovation in a SME

Three innovative tips in less than three inspiring minutes with CEO of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, Michael Barnett. See how you can best push for innovation in your SME, whilst overcoming common business challenges from the ground up.

Continuing panel discussion with Auckland Chamber of Commerce

Continuing panel discussion with Auckland Chamber of Commerce CEO Michael Barnett and AUT Professor Welby Ings about Sonny Bill Williams. Barnett reckons that Williams should have talked to his employer first. He wonders if Williams is giving back BNZ's sponsorship money. He thinks that Williams is a distractor. Ings mentions that people accommodated Michael Jones' request not to play on Sunday because of his religious beliefs because Jones told them about it. Gillies notes that the Blues and the bank don't care. Ings thinks that they are being smart by not talking about it. Garner thinks that the bank will be frustrated with the Blues and NZ Rugby for not sorting this out.

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