Tuesday, 3rd July, 2018

Revenues of up to $40m are being lost for Auckland businesses because mooring buoys or “dolphins” that were approved last November for location at the end of Queens Wharf are not yet consented.

Around 20 booking applications by cruise ships wanting to berth at Auckland’s wharves over the next few years have not been able to be confirmed, the Chamber has been informed.

Because Auckland doesn’t have a wharf able to take the new generation of 330-390 metre long cruise ships, Auckland is missing out, said Chamber CEO, Michael Barnett.

Also there are around 5 bookings for ships in the 380m category for this summer each carrying around 4000 passengers but with many of the passengers elderly or not wanting to disembark into a life boat or tender, a lot will stay on board meaning that the City will lose a lot of revenue, said Barnett.

Inquiries have also been turned down for visits by other large ships in the 335-340m size that want to use Auckland as a turnaround port. Without the ability to tie up to a wharf we can’t give them the assurance they need that the Queens Wharf facility will be built in time, the Chamber has been told.

  • For more information contact Michael Barnett on 0275 631150