Wednesday, 14th June, 2017

The Chamber’s Penlink campaign proposal that the 7km Penlink route be classified as part of Auckland’s state highway network to enable NZTA to build the road as soon as possible is getting traction.

But your ongoing support demanding immediate action on Penlink continues to be crucial.

Government and Auckland Council are continuing to work out a strategy that allows critical Auckland transport projects to proceed despite the Council’s debt-ridden situation – something Mayor Phil Goff make clear to the Chamber earlier this year as to why Council and Auckland Transport couldn’t speed up the Penlink project.

We have set out to Council and Ministers other reasons why it makes sense for NZTA to take over Penlink, including:

  • With daily traffic of more than 10,000 vehicles a day, Penlink easily qualifies under legislation to be classified as a regional strategic route.
  • NZTA has proven experience in managing projects of Penlink’s scale and complexity, including building the substantial bridge over the Weiti River that is the heart of the project.
  • Because Penlink is a good ‘fit’ to link with the Northern Motorway corridor; close to where park-and-ride and busway facilities for city bound commuters are planned.
  • It is a ready-made project for NZTA. Its toll provision would help reduce NZTA’s toll system transaction costs and add value to its ‘strategic network’ portfolio.

Feedback is positive. Auckland Transport have made a formal request for NZTA to re-classify the Penlink corridor, and which Hibiscus & Bays Local Board have supported.

Reinforcing our optimism, NZTA have confirmed a new high strategic fit criterion ‘to provide access to housing development in high growth areas’ has been added to their investment principles.

Given up to 37,000 more houses are planned around the Silverdale state highway interchange, and where around 5km of congestion already occurs every day and which the Penlink project could help substantially ease, an early build of the Project is a logical win-win step

But as I say, keep up your vocal support – tell others. Encourage your political representatives to do the right thing by you and your community. Through our “power of together” voice getting the road built as fast as possible is our shared goal!


For more information contact Michael Barnett, mobile: 0275 631 150.
Michael Barnett, Chief Executive, Auckland Chamber of Commerce.