Thursday, 24th September, 2015

Paula Bennett announced on 22 September that The Rules Reduction Taskforce has released its ‘Loopy Rules” Report. Click here to read the full report. 

Local Government Minister Paula Bennett said in a media release that the findings from the Rules Reduction Taskforce show real opportunities for both central and local government to make life easier for New Zealanders.

“The message is clear: there are too many frustrating rules and regulations, and too many are being applied inconsistently, and it is holding our communities back,” Mrs Bennett says.

“The Report outlines practical opportunities for Government departments and local councils to improve the level of customer service they offer, and give that clarity people need. We will be embracing these opportunities finding practical solutions.”

Auckland Chamber CEO Michael Barnett was appointed a co-chair of the Rules Reduction Taskforce set-up by Government in October 2014 with the intent to slash regulatory red tape in the property and building sector.  Having undertaken 50 public meetings and received close to 2,000 submissions, Mr Barnett says that the Taskforce have appreciated the worthwhile contributions they received from businesses and the community.

Click here to read the media release.