Friday, 4th September, 2020

The latest survey of business by the Auckland Business Chamber reflects the fragility of the business community and especially the SME sector. 

The survey revealed overall: 

  • 29% of businesses are operating at 100% 
  • 26% of businesses are operating at 75% 
  • 21% of businesses are operating at 50% 

Businesses employing 20 or more employees reflected a slightly better result with 42% operating at 100% and a further 40% operating at 50% or more. 

Business have also used the lockdown to review the way they operate with 69% overall indicating they were in the process of restructures with 83% of these indicating the result of this restructuring would lead to less employees. 

Chamber CEO, Michael Barnett noted this was a strong indication that more job losses are yet to come as well as possible business closures. 

For more information contact Michael Barnett, mobile: 0275 631 150. 
Michael Barnett, Chief Executive, Auckland Business Chamber.