Monday, 15th August, 2016

An elite group of global champions featuring Olympic Gold medallists and sporting world champions are joining forces with business to present at a unique business summit in Auckland.

The group includes Valerie Adams, Richie McCaw, Mahe Drysdale, Hamish Carter and All Blacks Mental Skills Coach Gilbert Enoka.

Event facilitator Gilbert Enoka says the Summit will help people understand pressure; give them the frameworks to work with when faced with pressure; the tools needed to perform under pressure; and the confidence to succeed in a high pressure environment.

The event is a partnership between the New Zealand Athletes Federation and the Auckland Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber CEO Michael Barnett says that all of the athletes presenting at the Summit have experienced adversity, success and failure which has required them to vary their strategy to continue performing, often under immense personal and public pressure.

“This is no different than it is for business – we are constantly under pressure to stand out and be the best with our products and services. To do that we need a framework of thinking in order to perform and maintain that leading position,” he says.

This Summit will give existing and future leaders a framework within which they can perform.

Double world-champion and the highest capped All Black of all time, Richie McCaw who worked on the mental side of his game so he could handle any situation thrown at him said;

“One of my biggest learnings was understanding that performance under pressure wasn’t just about having the best physical attributes, but it was how I controlled my thoughts and attention so I could do what was needed when it really counted.”

For more information contact:

Michael Barnett on 0275 631 150
Chief Executive, Auckland Chamber of Commerce

Roger Mortimer on 021 845606
General Manager, New Zealand Athletes Federation


Thursday 13th October 2016, 8.00am to 3.00pm at the Rendezvous Hotel, 71 Mayoral Drive


  • An exclusive opportunity to hear from five New Zealand champions presenting together for the first time
  • Gain tools and confidence to implement the lessons from these champions and gain business skills to stand out from your competition.
  • An exclusive personal development event which will provide a framework of thinking for teams and business decision-makers to perform at high levels within the business environment.
  • An opportunity to invest in the people who are integral to your business success


Richie McCaw is the most capped player in the history of international rugby.
Mahe Drysdale has an astonishing 5 World Rowing Championship titles to accompany his Olympic Gold Medal from London 2012.
Valerie Adams is New Zealand’s most decorated female athlete of all time, having won back to back Olympic Gold medals, eight World Championship titles and three Commonwealth Games titles.
Hamish Carter spent 15 years on the international triathlon circuit winning numerous titles all over the world, including Olympic Gold in 2004.
MC Gilbert Enoka who has worked as a mental skills coach for the All Blacks, Canterbury Crusaders, the Silver Ferns and the Black Caps .


The partnership is based on the opportunity to share world leading experience, knowledge and understandings between the worlds of business and sport.

Auckland Chamber of Commerce: The Auckland Chamber is a non-for-profit business organisation which provides Auckland businesses with a wide range of business services and products, creating a platform for business success.

The New Zealand Athletes Federation: Established in 2010, the New Zealand Athletes Federation is the representative body of the country’s high performance athletes on issues of collective importance to elite athletes and their sports.

For more information contact Michael Barnett, mobile: 0275 631 150.
Michael Barnett, Chief Executive, Auckland Chamber of Commerce.