Tuesday, 18th April, 2017

With several hundred Edgecumbe homes needing to be cleared of sodden furniture, ruined possessions, and water damage, Michael Barnett, head of the Auckland Regional Chamber of Commerce has put out a call to businesses and sporting organisations who operate nearby to help.

“The residents of Edgecumbe are facing devastation of their homes on a massive scale. It isn’t about giving money, it’s about assisting people who are grieving from seeing everything in their homes destroyed and their properties damaged by water and silt.

“Everything in people’s homes has to be stripped out. For residents it’s emotional and traumatic. They have seen a significant part of their lives destroyed,” said Mr Barnett 

The volunteers who spent Easter in Edgecumbe will carry devastating memories for a long time, and they left knowing that the job of getting Edgecumbe back together has a long way to go – “Keeping the volunteer support in place is going to be crucial for some time.” 

(EDITOR NOTE:  Michael Barnett worked as a volunteer in Edgecumbe over Easter.)

“Businesses in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato able to assist could make up a team and pitch in for a half day or longer if they can. 

It would make a great deal of difference, provide a moral support and be a huge contribution to getting Edgecumbe back up and running as quickly as possible, said Mr Barnett.

Businesses and others wanting to assist can contact edgecumbevolunteers@gmail.com


  • For more information contact Michael Barnett on 0275 631 150.