Monday, 2nd October, 2017

Ruapehu Mayor Don Cameron is inviting local business leaders to take part in a workshop with Michael Barnett, Chief Executive of the Auckland Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to see how a local Ruapehu Chamber could help support and inspire local Ruapehu business vitality and success.

Council has organised a special workshop on Thursday 26 October at which Mr. Barnett will be attending and is asking the Ruapehu business community to register their interest in either taking part in the workshop or in being a member.

Anyone wanting more information is asked to call Ruapehu Business Development Manager Peggy Veen on 027 807 5305.

Mayor Cameron said that Council is very excited about the possibilities for a Ruapehu Chamber of Commerce and believe it could play a key role in helping established businesses to grow and new businesses to set-up and succeed.

“Being able to utilize the knowledge and experience of Mr. Barnett who has extensive knowledge of how Chambers of Commerce can support and encourage sustainable, profitable business growth will be of great benefit.”

“A Ruapehu Chamber of Commerce fits in with Council’s vision to help facilitate the development of prosperous rural communities that are able to capitalize on our agriculture, business and tourism sectors while sustaining our beautiful environment,” he said.

“All our efforts to increase jobs, incomes and opportunities for Ruapehu communities has highlighted the critical importance of having the right advice, support and connections.”

“Whether it is has been our pursuit of Accelerate25 (Manawatū-Whanganui) Economic Action Plan opportunities, lobbying of central government and ministries, or working with our local or regional partners, having access to the right connections and expertise is invaluable.”

Mayor Cameron said that discussions with Ruapehu business operators have highlighted that they see a lot of potential value in having their own Chamber of Commerce that could facilitate and provide these types of benefits for them.

“A Ruapehu Chamber of Commerce would also provide another strong collective voice in support of Ruapehu issues to both Council and government,” he said.

“Member organisations would be part of a national network, the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce, which has around 30 Chambers throughout New Zealand supporting over 12,000 members and 4 million businesses.”

“The 26 October workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss what a Ruapehu Chamber could deliver for our business community and sector interests, and what sort of arrangements would best suit our needs.”