Monday, 28th May, 2018

Auckland Councillors denying Auckland Council’s intentions to enter the waste market in competition with the private sector “should read their own draft waste management plans,” the head of the Auckland Business Chamber of Commerce, Michael Barnett, said today.

The draft Waste Minimisation Management Plan (WMMP) 2018 is full of references of Council’s intentions to expand waste services to compete with efficient and effective private services – in spite of Councils adoption of a supporting Auckland Council Domestic Waste Services value for money 17A review explicitly advising not to.

Barnett warned it would be wise of councillors to read their draft waste management plan before they voted to support it later next month.

For more information see Councils draft waste management plan here


For more information contact Michael Barnett, mobile: 0275 631 150.
Michael Barnett, Chief Executive, Auckland Business Chamber.