BUSINESS UPDATE - Wednesday 6 November 2019

It was another very informative and enlightening presentation by Michael Barnett and Bernard Hickey at the Business Update in Auckland.  The Business Update covers off key topics from across the political and economic landscapes that directly impact how you’re doing business.

Despite the on-going challenges facing business such as a lack of infrastructure and difficulty for employers finding skilled workers, there were plenty of featured take-outs from the update that are supporting a brighter outlook as we approach summer. These included:

  • Business confidence boosted by 24 points in our recent survey
  • Unemployment figures and interest rates remain low
  • There’s anticipation that next week’s OCR will be dropped to below 1%
  • House prices outside of Auckland have risen on average by 17% since the last election
  • New Zealand’s just (slightly) upgraded a China Free Trade Agreement deal
  • There’s even been a lull in the USA v China trade dispute




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