Friday, 6th June, 2014

Opportunities with Argentina

Business group in Auckland Monday seeking partners

  • ADECOAGRO - dairy exporters to learn about the strengths and technical-commercial issues of the food and bio-energy producers in New Zealand, with special interest in the dairy chain. Counterparts interested in buying milk powder, rice, cereals (maize, wheat), sugar cane, bio-fuels
  • AGRICULTORES FEDERADOS ARGENTINOS (AFA) - Counterparts interested in buying: Legumes (beans, chickpeas garbanzos, popcorn, soybean and sub-products, oils (soybean, maize, mix), sorghum.
  • FECOFE - (Coop. Ltda.. Tamberos La America) – would like to contact counterparts interested in: Popcorn, Cumin, Sunflower seeds, citrus, and cereals.
  • CAÑAS CEREALES - interested in contact companies producing milk-meters and livestock electronic identification systems. Importers, poultries, feed lots, cattle and pork producers, veterinaries. Vegetable local producers able to supply their products. Counterparts interested in buying Animal feed (stock feed and pet food).
  • ARGENTINA PAMPA GROUP - (Stock feed and pet food).
  • TECNOEMPRESA - interested in contact companies related to Biodiesel or vegetable oils. Also companies that require soybean expellers (dairy farms, Feed lots, etc).
  • AGROVETERINARIA ESPERANZA - interested in contact laboratories and suppliers of agricultural supplies. Counterparts interested in buying: trace minerals APRA and animal feed.
  • ALEJANDRO EGUINOA ARTEAGA - IT companies or other sector companies who need software and technical support in countries within the same or similar time zones that Argentina.
  • APYMIL - APYMIL would like to contact companies that may be interested in whey, including supplier and manufacturers of drying equipment, buyers of whey, or any company related to this product.


Contact Mianette Broekman for more information:
P 09 302 9916