Tuesday, 23rd September, 2014

First visit to New Zealand for Fujian Delegation 

The Chamber was pleased to host a business delegation from the Chinese province of Fujian in early September on their first visit to New Zealand.

Fujian, a province in the South East part of China, has an area half the size of New Zealand and over 37 million inhabitants. Thanks to its strategically favourable location and good infrastructure, the Fujian Province was one of the first provinces to open up to international trade in the 1980s, and is now one of the most advanced and active areas, total annual international trade volumes currently reaching USD 110billion.

Main export sectors include oil and petrochemical products, mechanical products, shoes and bags, whereas the Province is a net importer of wood and wood products, specialised machinery and high end food products. Any New Zealand opportunities in these sectors would be welcomed.

Delegation members mentioned the East China Fair, which is planned for early March 2015 in Shanghai, as an important platform for international traders looking to expand their business.


If you want more information about the East China Trade Fair, or about doing business in Fujian, please contact please contact Nathalie Malfeyt, International Manager, Auckland Chamber of Commerce.