Wednesday, 18th June, 2014

Chinese delegation from laptop producing province meets Chamber International Team

A delegation from the province of Jiangsu, China visited the Auckland Chamber in early June.

This province, which includes the major city Taizhou, has seen a tremendous development over the last couple of years and is now one of the major economic centres in China. For example, 50% of all laptops worldwide are produced there.

Another major sector is the clothing industry, which has also developed a great deal since the low cost, mass production methods to a more tailor-made model, in which companies can adjust their production to demand, thereby catering for smaller markets like the Kiwi market in a cost- effective way.

“For Auckland businesses looking to source products for the New Zealand market or internationally, there may be some opportunities to work with some of these Chinese businesses,” says international manager Nathalie Malfeyt.


For more information about doing business in China, please contact Nathalie Malfeyt on 021 709 411 or email