Wednesday, 18th June, 2014

Argentinian delegation with shared economic activities visits the Chamber

In early June the Chamber hosted a large Argentinian delegation from the Province of Santa Fe, the third largest province in Argentina after Buenos Aires and Cordoba.

The Chamber and delegation teams introduced their respective regions.

Despite differences in scale and size (Santa Fe alone spans a total area of 13.3 million hectares), it was concluded that New Zealand and Santa Fe share much in common in terms of their economic activities, with dairy and tourism as the main export drivers for both.

“The delegation from Argentina was bigger than we had anticipated and brought with them a television crew, which shows the importance of the relationship with New Zealand businesses to those from Argentina and the huge potential interest in doing business here,” said Chamber international manager Nathalie Malfeyt.

“We discussed possible further co-operation and agreed this could very beneficial in the fields of joint research and science innovation. Further discussions will be scheduled,” she said.


For more information about doing business in Argentina, please contact Nathalie Malfeyt on 021 709 411 or email