Business Development / Analysis / Client Services

Seeking: Business Development/Marketing

Key skills and experience:

  • New Zealand and overseas experience in management, business development, marketing, strategy planning, and media production¬†
  • Strong practical skills across a broad range of functions including business development, customer relationship building, understanding of business drivers and processes, marketing strategies and implementation
  • Proven record in developing work strategies, policies, functions and procedures, quality performance measurements and systems
  • Project management skills by effectively planning, starting, and managing projects, resources and teams
  • Strong organisational abilities and effective time management skills ensuring high level of productivity and results are maintained
  • Excellent communication and networking skills, capable of working and developing strong relationships with a diverse range of people and businesses

Computer skills include: MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business, Masters of Management (with distinction), Certification in Best Business Performance Practices

Value added: Fluent in Arabic

This candidate is also available for up to four weeks work at no cost or obligation, under the terms of the Migrant Employment Programme.

Call Helen on 09 375 3922 or email to find out more.