IT / Web Design

Seeking: Network Security/IT Support

Key skills and experience:

  • New Zealand and overseas experience in technical IT Security helpdesk support
  • Experience in IT administration, quality of service, process training, product training
  • PC/network performance and virus removal (Microsoft PC Safety certified)
  • Microsoft Windows Operating systems deployment, configuration and upgrade (Microsoft OS support certified)
  • Network elements connectivity service test, configuration and troubleshooting experience
  • Telecommunication (Fibre) network trainer, provided classroom training and presentations
  • Professional, motivated, enthusiastic, friendly and easy-going

Computer skills include: MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Microsoft Enterprise, SAGE, Active Directory

Qualifications: Microsoft, HP and AT&T certified; Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology; Bachelor of Engineering (major in Electronics and Telecommunications

Value added: Fluent in Hindi

This candidate is also available for up to four weeks work at no cost or obligation, under the terms of the Migrant Employment Programme.

Call Helen on 09 375 3922 or email hcorban@chamber.co.nz to find out more.