I started off with a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting, going onto complete a graduate diploma in Entrepreneurship & Sales at AUT Auckland.

Fresh out of uni I landed a job in an accounting firm as a graduate accountant, staying for not even a year before realising even more than ever that I was born to be my own boss.

At the same time, I had just started competing in Bikini Body Building shows as a side hobby for me. I had never stepped foot in a gym until 23 years old.  This unexpectedly blew up quite quickly with me doing well and competing internationally, going on to win my 'PRO' athlete status card and competing with the best in the world.

Demand grew for me from friends, and friends of friends, to provide them with services such as personal training & nutrition. I saw this as a huge opportunity to get out of accounting and work for myself. I started a studio at my father’s house, training people I knew while studying correspondence Nutritional Therapy & Personal Training to have the pre-reqs to take it further.  At the same time, I had started a small following on social media which helped the momentum I have built today.

Fast forward a year later, I was one of the busiest personal trainers at one of NZ's biggest gyms. I used my business knowledge & passion for exercise at the time to do this. After only 12 months or so of being over booked, I decided that my services were limited to my time. I could not really have personal trainers work under me when I had a waiting list, because people wanted to see ME. So I had to think of another way. I knew I wouldn't be a PT for life, so I decided to take the leap and really use my business knowledge to grow my social profile to reach & provide my services to my followers on a global scale that wasn't limited to my time.

I am looking forward to speaking to you about how I did these things:

  • turning my name into a brand,
  • creating systems to give the best service reaching the most people,
  • keeping up with social media in an over-saturdated industry
  • forming a 100% online business with part time employees & demand for other services such as payment for product endorsement, digitial marketing services, event management, appearances and seminars.

I still have plans in the foreseeable future as to how I want to change and grow my business model even more to take my brand name away from me as a person, and reach a variety of people not just in health & fitness, but in digital marketing & brand management.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you all & give you some insights of my teething issues, my top tips, and sharing methods to expand your business that you may not know you had.

Digital Marketing in this day and age is essential, but it is also essential that we understand nothing is forever. So strategic digital planning by getting the most out of the trend today will help our business strive when other forms of marketing trends may fizzle.