Auckland Business Chamber recently hosted and interviewed Greg Foran at a private Auckland event.

Greg Foran – CEO of Walmart - the top Fortune 500 company. It was a fantastic opportunity to hear Greg's personal account of his journey that has taken him from the Waikato (born and raised) to Walmart and hear his insights about the things that drove him, and the moments and people who were key to his achievements - including whether the 'New Zealand factor' played a part in that success.

Among the many topics Greg touched on, his adherence to principles in business was a key one and why he’s known as the ‘unvarnished truth’ guy.

View the brief videos below to hear more from Greg on these interesting topics.

Auckland Business Chamber thanks to the Gaze Foundation for securing Greg Foran and partnering with the Chamber for this event.


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Business Principles 1

Business Principles 2