A proficient and adept broadcaster, and certainly an all-rounder, Wilhelmina Shrimpton has amassed years of experience across radio, TV and online.

A decade ago she began her career with TVNZ, before cutting her teeth as a journalist in the hot house that is the RadioLIVE newsroom.

Television eventually won Wilhelmina over again, and in 2015 she found herself working as a reporter on Three's morning show with Paul Henry.

It wasn't long before Three's flagship news show scooped her up, and offered her a role working with Newshub Live at 6pm.

After three years covering a number of high-profile stories across the board - from business, politics, court and crime, to entertainment - Wilhelmina now splits her time between field reporting and fronting Newshub Late.

She also features regularly as a panelist on the AM Show, and as a guest on RadioLive Drive's daily carpool segment.

Despite living that fast-paced news lifestyle, friendly Wilhelmina loves a good laugh. Her light-hearted personality makes her instantly likeable, her approachable smile always at the ready.

This has contributed greatly to Wilhelmina's success as an MC. Having interviewed people from all walks of life she knows how to read and connect with a range of different crowds, her lighthearted personality and professionalism allowing her to think on the fly, crack a joke or two, and make all audiences feel at ease - no matter the setting.


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