A partnership between the Auckland Business Chamber and the Ministry of Social Development is delivering driver’s licences to Auckland youth.


Chamber Drive

Did you know that a young person with a full or restricted driver’s licence is able to apply for 7 times more jobs than those without?

Auckland Business Chamber has operated a driver’s licence programme for 10 years in South Auckland, assisting youth and adults to gain the next stage of their licences.


Do I qualify for the course?

If you are receiving financial support from the Ministry of Social Development and living in South Auckland you may be eligible.  Please talk to your Case Manager.

We also operate this service to some of the Decile 1-3 high schools in the area.  Please talk to your Careers Advisor to find out about support to get your drivers licence.

Any Questions give us a call on 0800 709 907 to really start driving your future job opportunities.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is needed for your licence?
  • Application – We will provide
  • Birth Certificate – Original or Passport
  • Photo ID
  • And/or Proof of address

I do not have Photo ID

If you do not have Photo ID we can still work with you, we will complete a DL26 Form and take your photo to support your application.

I have an overseas licence - can I get an NZ one?

Yes, we will assist, guide and pay for the conversion of your International licence.

How much does it cost me?

Nothing, it is Free

Restricted and Full Licence

To obtain either of these licence with us you need to have be eligible to sit the next stage and have completed a minimum of 120 driving hours with family or friends.

Each person is booked in to see an instructor within the available times that we have.


You will have a half hour assessment on your ability to pass the next licencing stage. 

If you are not ready, the instructor will ask you to practice and, we will rebook you for another assessment in 1 – 2 weeks.

If you are ready, the instructor will take you to the VTNZ testing station and book your actual driving test.


We offer lessons in between booking and testing day to assess your progress.


On the day you arrive an hour prior to your test for a final lesson to ensure you know the route, expectations and are feeling confident and ready.   We will then take you to VTNZ and you will use the driving instructor’s car to sit the test.