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Employment update covering key topics such as Employment Contracts, Compliance and Bullying Download
Disciplinary Process - employees

Legal Do’s and Don’ts

Immigration Changes 2017

A summary of Skilled Migrant and Essential Skills changes

2017 Easter & Anzac Day Public Holiday Leave Download
Short Guide - small business tax made easier 2017

An easy 2 page read on changes from 1 April 2017 - Contractors’ tax deductions, GST, Provisional Tax and penalty interest

IRD Tax Changes 2017 Template

An IRD diagram showing tax made easier for SME’s

News and Updates - Contractor changes View
Redundancy Case Studies: getting the process right Download
Independent Contractor or Employee

It is critical that business owners correctly determine whether the individuals providing services are employees or independent contractors. By not doing so can Businesses can incur the costs they were saving in hiring a contractor.

Business Record Management

Understanding what business records needs to be kept does not need to be a minefield. A simple guide to Business Record Management.

The Right Way to Apply for a Business Loan Download
Creating a Business Plan Download
Checking the Viability of your Idea Download
Checking on your Potential Competitors Download
Issuing Shares in your Company

Many SME’s use business loans to finance their enterprise. However business owners should explore other means of raising capital. Issuing shares is a useful way for a company to raise capital without bank financing.

Debt Recovery

Debt recovery requires careful consideration with a full understanding of the best options for the debt recovery.  This resource provides the many options available to you but as a rule of thumb consider outsourcing the recovery for a better understanding of its likely recovery and/or recovery.

Consulting with employees in an asset/business sale transaction

Selling your business – do you have employment protection provisions?

Employment Agreements – which type?

A key aspect of employing staff is ensuring that the correct employment terms and conditions are recorded and agreed by both the employer and the employee. All employment agreements regardless of the type, must be in writing. The first consideration is whether the employment is to be permanent for a fixed term or casual? What are the differences between each type of agreement? 

4 Crucial Decisions before Building your Website

Building a website is a tough gig, especially if you’re new to online marketing. Let’s explore 4 Steps of Consideration in making that next step to online marketing.

Reliance on 90 Day Trial

Case Study – Hall vs Smith Crane & Construction Limited

Get Ready Get Through – Civil Defence

Are you prepared should a disaster hit & have continuity for your business, staff and your own family?

Recruiting the Best Employees with a Recruitment Strategy

A good employee recruiting strategy is the best way to avoid having recruiting turn into a time-draining, money-losing activity. Execute a Plan.

On-boarding Basics

The cost of hiring can run in to the 10’s of thousands.  It is important integration of new staff is managed to avoid high turnover & unnecessary costs to business.

Cashflow Management

A business's cash flow breakeven point is a vital calculation that can help you evaluate the financial health of a company. Learn how to manage your cashflow to foresee any periods where you may have to borrow money or sell assets to cover expenses.

Managing your teams

Regular interaction with employees on performance fosters a positive culture and Employee Engagement.

Employee Exit

Maintaining healthy employee relations in an organisation is a pre-requisite for organisational success.  This encompasses exiting employees who may still engage with your business as a supplier, client or recommend your business to others.


To define effective leadership, a leader must employ communication as a primary tool in stimulating and motivating those around him. 

How to engage your employees

Where carrot-and-stick attempts at motivation fail, this document offers case studies & a proven path to true engagement.  

Redundancy Process

Managing Redundancy can be tedious for all concerned. However managed correctly it can provide doors of opportunities for both parties.

Recruitment Flowchart

An easy to follow flowchart for planning and Recruitment of Employees. Step-by-step.

Exit Interview

Exit interviews are a great way to celebrate what your organisation does well, but can also assist in identifying any areas requiring attention, any opportunities for improvement and elicit information on how to retain key people.

Position Description

Position descriptions can improve the way your business manages employees by ensuring that performance and productivity is focused on the needs and goals of the business.

Legal Structures for Small Business

It is essential that you consider what legal structure you will adopt in the setting up of your business. The structural form of your business will influence, amongst other things: Your liability for debts, legal procedures for dealing with other people, how you can sell your business, and at what price

Intellectual Property

Every business also begins with ideas but often we miss the wood for the trees: we focus on the tangible products and forget about where they all began: the ideas, the intellectual property.

Business Start Up - Frequently Asked Question Download
Buying a Business Download
Terms of Trade

While the law helps in defining and clarifying certain aspects of the contractual relationship between the parties, the starting point will often be “what did the two parties intend and agree at the time the goods and/or services were purchased?”

Applying for Tenders Download
Business Insurance

Key questions to ask when arranging business insurance.

Pricing & Costing

The important question to ask is – do the prices I am charging cover all the costs associated with the product or service?

90 Day Trial Periods

A 90 Day Trial Period is for new employees only – where employee has not previously been employed by the employer or is a trial period is applied for the purposes of assessing an individual’s suitability for the position.

Business Planning

This guide has been compiled as a brief introduction on business planning. It includes the reasons for writing a business plan as well as the topics you should cover.

Essential Websites

Essential websites relevant to both new and existing businesses.