IT / Web Design

Seeking: Programmer/Web Developer/Database Developer

Key skills and experience:

  • New Zealand and overseas experience in farming, manufacturing and service organisations
  • Broad knowledge of financial systems and how businesses operate
  • Programming and web development experience
  • Extensive programming skills with Python, C++, Java, Android Studio, PHP and ASP.NET
  • Strong database development and management skills on MySQL, MSSQL and Cassandra (NoSQL)
  • Continually seeking and learning new technologies

Computer skills include: MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Java, Python, C#, C++, PHP, ASP.NET, MySQL, MSSQL, Cassandra, CSS, HTML

Qualifications: Bachelor of Computing Systems

Value added: Fluent in Korean

This candidate is also available for up to four weeks work at no cost or obligation, under the terms of the Migrant Employment Programme.

Call Helen on 09 375 3922 or email to find out more.